Veteran Employment

Gary Hanzel, President/Owner of Security Source Inc. is a veteran. The leadership of the company are all veterans. That translates to a ‘mission’ driven focus and limitless commitment to achieving our core goals.  It has been said that “You don’t find success, you go out and build it!”

If you’re a veteran and desire to join something very familiar in a career, send us a resume. Like the military, it’s hard work at times. But you’ll have fun, memories, and a whole lot of achieving a personal sense of accomplishment each and every day.

Yes, we value leadership skills, diversity, flexibility, adaptability, and “in-the-trenches/can-do” attitude and work ethic.

If your background in the military is similar or equivalent to the job titles listed below, we could be your next professional family.

Jobs Typically Available:

  • Sales Engineer

  • Field Technician (Low Voltage)

  • Logistics

Veteran-Employment — Security Source, Inc